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Damn spring

( Maledetta Spring )

It was more or less like this
white wine, night, old songs
and laughed at me
sweet liar
the damn spring

What remains of an erotic dream, yes,
Suddenly I wake up and you're gone.
I feel the emptiness of you.
Annoys me,
as if love hurts
and even if you don't want to,
unintentionally I think of you


Yes to fall in love now, 
will return to me, the damn spring
What does it matter if
an hour passes to fall in love
pass lightly,
the damn spring
pass lightly,
it hurts only me

Let me love you as if love lived

And even if he doesn't want to, without wanting to, he thinks of me.




fouls in the air,

your presence is missing

warm innocence.

faults in my mouth

that inadvertently names you

and i will write my story

with the word Glory

Because here by your side,

the morning lights up

The truth and the lie

they are called Gloria



fouls in the air,

faults in the sky,

burn me in your fire

Melt me in the snow

that freezes my chest

I wait for you Glory


Glory, (Glory)

Field of Smiles (Gloria)

water in the desert, (Glory)

open heart  (Glory)

Adventure of my mind

from my table and from my bed,

from the garden of my present

I wait for you Gloria.


You and me

( su di noi )

You and me, a bouquet of images
You and me, a simple formula
You and me, the fairies walk from here to there.

You and me, a bird's nest
You and me, arriving the silence
You and me, a page is formed
You and me, making a fable
You and me, we played a verse

no commas, yes rules
without tenses or accents,
We let the night grow

the kisses begin
to make an attempt

the moon is bigger than yesterday.


My hands sink every moment
I find a flower: it's you

I feel so close, I feel you so inside
I see you in a ray of light


You and me, the flower and the fable
You and me, the nest of an eagle
You and me, a simple formula



I will fly

I think I'm sogno così 
non ritorni mai più,
my dipingevo mani
and the faccia di blu,

poi d'improvviso venivo 
give a quick wind,
and I started to fly
in the infinite sky

I will fly oh oh

I'll sing oh oh oh 
nel blu dipinto di blu,
happy di stare lassù,

e volavo volavo 
happy più in alto del sole
ed anchor più su,

throughout the world 
pian piano spariva lontano laggiù,
a dolce suonava music
let go per me

I will fly oh oh
I will sing oh oh oh
nel blu dipinto di blu
felice di stare lassù.


Nel blu dipinto di blu

felice di stare lassù.

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