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He combines his formula: talent with charisma

The Italian offers an unforgettable evening to more than a hundred in the Sala Sergio Peña. ... Rebola's refined technique, as well as his charisma when it came to explaining the context in which each of the works was created, won over the public, who applauded the Italian's excellent performance. ... Not only skill and musicality characterized the Italian, but also a strong sense of humor... After two hours, Luca Rebola said goodbye to the public that gave him a new standing applause, while moments later some people approached the performer to get an autograph and congratulate him.

Pianist Luca Rebola performed in Mexico

Recently, Luca Rebola, an Italian pianist living in Xalapa, captivated a large audience during the recital he gave at the Bella Época Cultural Center of the Fund for Economic Culture, in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City.

Maestro Rebola offered a musical and verbal explanation of piano romanticism. ... "It is a serene and entertaining format, without foregoing musical and cultural themes..."

A romantic night of piano and chat with Luca Rebola

The Economic Culture Fund, within its Noctámbulos cultural dissemination program, offered this past November 12 at the "Bella Época" Cultural Center of the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, in the Federal District, a piano concert entitled Las Notas del Romanticismo, by Maestro Luca Rebola... The purpose of this piano night was to bring the public closer to the world of classical music, breaking the ice with words and enlivening the evening with anecdotes and curiosities about the composers...

Piano concert by Luca Rebola

It will take place next Friday, at the Bella Época Cultural Center of the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore.

The intention of this piano night is to bring the public closer to the world of classical music in an entertaining way, breaking the ice with words and enlivening the evening with anecdotes and curiosities about the life and emotions of the composers, in addition to other musical content. and cultural.

piano conquest

To celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of the Polish musician Frédéric Chopin, the Italian pianist Luca Rebola performed in Reynosa... The tribute to Chopin inspired his concert, in addition to including the composers Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Alexander Scriabin and Sergei Rachmaninoff. ... The Italian conquered the audience with his simplicity and friendliness, as well as his passionate performance on the piano.

Conquer Rebola at the piano

The artist from Pinerolo, Italy, captivated his select audience, who enjoyed the master's music for an hour and 20 minutes. "I am very happy to be in Nuevo Laredo. I am grateful for the invitation that they gave me to participate in this musical event. I hope that very soon we can return to this space of the Old Customs House, which is a magical place, which is truly a good place. designed to spread culture..."

Luca Rebola graced the Reynosa House of Culture

Before a completely packed Bertha G. de Garza Zamora Auditorium, the Italian musician, Luca Rebola, appeared on March 3, wearing long tablecloths to the Reynosa House of Culture who, together with the Reynosa Athenaeum, were in charge of bringing him to decorate this scenario.

...A romantic and pleasant concert was enjoyed by the attendees, who left the auditorium with a magnificent taste in their mouths, since the Italian made this concert a presentation where he interacted with the attendees, displaying the great simplicity that characterizes him.

He lives with his two loves: music and his wife

He describes himself as a passionate musician when it comes to making music on the piano. For Luca Rebola his passion goes back to his childhood where he learned about music thanks to his grandfather who gave him a small organ, with which he began to fall in love with this art.

... This love of the piano led him to dedicate the required time to it, so he soon began to reap recognition for his great talent, highlighting having been the winner of the Chopin Grand Prize at the "3rd. Concorso Internazionale Gli Amatori del Pianoforte", organized by the "Associazione Dino Ciani in Verbania, Italy, in 2005.

Luca Rebola conquered with his great passion: the piano

A magnificent piano recital offered by the Italian maestro Luca Rebola in Reynosa at the "Bertha G. de Garza Zamora" Auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura de Reynosa, AC last Wednesday, March 3, to commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of the illustrious Polish musician. Frederic Chopin.

Ateneo de Reynosa and Casa de la Cultura de Reynosa present Luca Rebola

The outstanding Italian teacher Luca Rebola will offer a piano concert in the city of Reynosa at the Bertha G. de Garza Zamora Auditorium of the House of Culture of Reynosa, AC

... The city of Reynosa is honored to receive this great artist, who after having lived in various cities in Europe, decided to come to Mexico, a country that he admires and with which he has great affection.

House of Culture invites piano concert

For the Casa de la Cultura de Reynosa and the Ateneo de Reynosa, it will be an honor to receive maestro Luca Rebola, a pianist with great sensitivity and commitment, who enjoys transmitting through his performances the same passion that has captivated him for years. .

Chopin Prize will come to play

Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff can be heard in their best performance in the hands of the Italian pianist Luca Rebola, who will offer a recital in this city on Thursday, March 4.

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